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Eso CoverArt fixed logo 24 may final.jpg

May 28

A night to remember. Fresh cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.


During my past year at Abbey Road Institute in Amsterdam the song Eso was created. It is a House and Latin like dance track. 

Due to the pandemic I longed for the freedom like we had before. The traveling, going to festivals with friends and enjoying the summer days is something we took for granted. From this nostalgia the song came about. I made it with another student/artist from Puerto Rico, he was the perfect match because he knows the Latin culture better than I do. He played the guitar and did the vocals on it. These two elements gave energy and soul to the song and later became the whole theme for this project. 

When people listen to this single. I want them to feel free, energetic, positive and get summer feelings!

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