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Since you left


Who am I?

BERWALD is a producer and DJ, located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His musical roots lie within the old school soul music, listening to artists like The Isley Brothers and Donny Hathaway while growing up. During his study ‘Audio production and sound engineering’ at the world known Abbey Road Academy in Amsterdam, he started to experience more with electronic music. Not long after graduating he released his debut single “Eso”, a soulful house track inspired by Latin rhythms. Besides being a producer he is an experienced drummer and bass player, which is a big pro in making soulful house tracks. His sound is innovative, yet always inspired by the 70s, using vintage samples and jazzy progressions. In September he released another single “Since you left” with R&B singer Lisa Naomi, which combines sensitive R&B with groovy house beats. He is working really hard on his next project and is ready for the future.

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